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Chiropractic for Animals  As a certified VOM (Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation) specialist for 18 years, Dr. Deborah Ramsey has treated a multitude of conditions which affect dogs or cats over their lifetimes. She has worked on small and large dogs, police dogs, guard dogs, hunting dogs and three-legged ones, among others, with treatments that relieve conditions of pain and lameness.  In order to provide VOM in Massachusetts, a chiropractor must hold a Massachusetts license to practice chiropractic and a referral slip signed by a licensed veterinarian. Dr. Ramsey works with several local veterinarians who refer to her on a regular basis. This working relationship ensures safety for the animals as a “team member,” accepting the advice and guidance that the veterinarians provide. There is an area outside the office with a bench and a covered area to provide the services for animals. Below are some conditions that have been helped through my VOM treatments:

  1. Lower back pain and stiffness
  2. Inability to jump in or out of the car
  3. Inability to jump on or off the bed
  4. Difficulty in bending down to eat or drink
  5. Difficulty getting up or lying down
  6. Allergies- by helping the nervous system work better and allowing the pets to heal
  7. Some knee problems
  8. Some hip problems
  9. Paralysis of limbs
  10. Torticollis
  11. Sensitivity to touch on the spine

A typical treatment schedule for animals is ordinarily 3 treatments, with some maintenance throughout the year. With 3 treatments Dr. Ramsey assesses the success of the treatment, and if she does not attain the desired results, she will refer back to the veterinarian for further assistance. Amazing teamwork has facilitated great success, providing relief for a multitude of pets, allowing them a better quality of life, ultimately helpings owners, too. In addition, animals seem to readily welcome the treatments. For your convenience, we have provided the proper Veterinarian release and the intake form in the forms section of this site.

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