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Gloucester Chiropractor, Chiropractor in Gloucester, MA

Alignment Chiropractic Center

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Chiropractic Care For People And Their Pets


About Us

Dr. Deborah Ramsey is a 31 year veteran of chiropractic with vast experience and training in many specialized areas including the Pierce, Activator,Gonstead, Diversified,Thompson, SOT, Toggle Recoil , and VOM animal techniques. As of November 6, 2000, Dr. Ramsey opened a new Chiropractic office, Alignment Chiropractic Center in Gloucester, Massachusetts, where she will continue providing quality care to all types of patients. As a former 18 year owner of her Brookline ,Mass. Beacon Chiropractic, Dr. Ramsey helped manage a growing office and treated patients on a daily basis.

In September of 1998, she worked on an alternative health care program for children for approximately 1 year. This new area of expertise is an accredited program for doctors at Children's Hospital in Boston and involved the monitoring of Dr. Ramsey's chiropractic treatments in her office that residents and interns participated in.

Dr. Ramsey is also becoming well known for her canine and feline chiropractic care, a rapidly growing health-care adjunct for the canine and feline patient. She is also certified in equine treatments.This is where chirorpactic care is proving to be invaluable in detecting and treating gait abnormalities and lameness as well as a host of other health problems concerning animals.She is certified in the VOM program for animals, after studing with Dr. William Inman in 1997-1999.

Prior to forming Beacon Chiropractic in Septemember of 1983, Dr. Ramsey worked at Newton Family Chiropractic Center from June 1982 -Septemember 1983, where she honed her skills as a doctor of chiropractic.

Dr. Ramsey received her Doctor of Chiropractic degree in March of 1982 from Life Chiropractic College. She also holds a Bachelor of Science degree for the Universtity of the State of New York and a Associates Degree in Science from Holyoke Community College. Dr. Ramsey is licensed to practice chiropractic in Massachusetts, South Carolina and the United States Virgin Islands. Dr. Ramsey is a published author and a member of the Massachusetts Alliance of Chiropractors and the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association. Additionally, Dr. Ramsey is certified in x-ray study for spinal and skeletal disorders and has served as an examiner for the State Board of Examination in Massachusetts. She is also an avid horse enthusiast and trains,raises and shows Paso Fino horses.


Chiropractic for Animals

Dr. Deborah Ramsey has been a certified animal VOM specialist for 12 years and has treated many dogs and cats with great success. In Massachusetts in order for a chiropractor to provide VOM treatments, you most hold a Massachusetts license to practice chiropractic and also have a referral slip signed by a licensed veterinarian. Dr. Ramsey works with many of the local veterinarians whom refer to her on a regular basis. This working relationship ensures safety for the animals due to the fact that she works more as a “team member”, accepting the advice and guidance that the veterinarians provide. There is an area outside the office with a bench and a covered area for her to provide the services for animals.

Dr. Ramsey treats many conditions that affect animals and most dog owners bring their pets in for lameness conditions which can have a favorable effect on the degree of lameness and help the animal with reducing or eliminating their pain in most cases. Here are some of the conditions that have been helped through VOM treatments:

1. Lower back pain and stiffness

2. Inability to jump in or out of the car,

3. Inability to jump on or off the bed

4. Difficulty in bending down to eat their food or drink their water

5. Difficulty getting up or laying down

6. Allergies- by helping the nervous system work better and allowing the pets to heal

7. Some knee problems

8. Some hip problems

A typical treatment schedule for animals is around 3 treatments and then some maintenance through out the year. With 3 treatments Dr. Ramsey will be able to see if the treatment will be successful and if she is not happy with the results, she will refer back to the veterinarian for further assistance. The amazing teamwork has been a huge success and has helped provide relief for many pets giving pets a better quality of life which ultimately helps their owner too.

We have provided the proper Veterinarian release and the intake form in the forms section of this site.


Chiropractor Deborah Ramsey practices in Gloucester, MA.